I came up with this idea to pop popcorn in a Air Fryer Basket, all the documentation along the way is here on this site / with the USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) and my TWITTER account to add authenticity as well as display the Inventing process for other projects!

Inclusive Work Bench

This site is an Inclusive Work Bench, to show

A.W.I.S.E. Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Entrepreneurs

As well as Investors (I)'s, the process of getting an idea to market as well as the Business of the Business of I.P. (Intellectual Property).

This is a ground floor funding opportunity that is now available for public consumption! Promissory Note

Watch "Shark Tank", the TV Show - Embody being a "SHARK" / Crowd-funder!

Other opportunities for the Air Fryer Basket

Examples of why some Companies would vie for a licensing agreement for the Air Fryer Basket™:

Mazola is looking to expand their brand name and market share with the corn kernel market!
  • Begin offering a different grade of popcorn kernels (maybe Gourmet)
  • As a fryer cabinet of food when the recipe calls for deep frying
AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC Theaters) and others of the movie chain genre could sell the Air Fryer Basket™ at the Concession stands or as a giveaway. Either or it promotes the Brand name and opens doors in the grocery popcorn shelf market for popcorn specific branding! Manufacturers of popcorn already like The American Pop Corn Company Jolly Time might offer the Air Fryer Basket™ as a purchasable item on their packaging.

Red Lobster Biz

Red Lobsters’ Parent organization: Golden Gate Capital could now be thinking of using the Air Fryer Basket™ cabinet as a boiler or oil fryer basket or Air Frying crust and batter seasoning to seafood. Red Lobster is now making residual income from everything, The Red Lobster Seasoning Division could offer a Multi-level entrepreneurship division from the addition of the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker™ cabinet.

Biz Opportunity

  1. Red Lobster Introduces a new line of Seafood Seasonings
  2. Red Lobster makes the Red Lobster Air Fryer Basket™ cabinet available at their outlets
  3. Red Lobster Air Fryer Net is the new licensed agreement name and is given or sold by the Red Lobster Outlets
  4. Why "Net"? This is how people in the fishery industry collect seafood, as well as cages.

Other Business Opportunities

They now have Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Seasoning and to get things started the Red Lobster Air Fryer Net comes with a boiling water season sampler, not to forget the Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Crust and Batter Seasoning sampler packs as well. The Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Promotional Seasoning sets up a coup, so people can buy individual Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Seasoning later. Visual Arts and Performances directors and mangers of plays, films and any other sorts of promotions that utilizes the Air Fryer Basket™ in their skit – script!

The mesh lining for this air fryer basket sole objective is to not let popcorn kernels slip through the holes, however it does way more than just function as a Air Fryer Basket

As the manufacturer representative “Nancy” mentioned: "It could fry food as well", while we waited for the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker to get to the states.

Dunking the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker Basket

* Pots Filled with Oil or Water * * A removable basket for Air Fryers * * Misc. Garlic Dryer, etc. when not in use*as well as the obvious* Popping Popcorn *

Reference: Raw as well as live meats and seafood’s

WAS: $100,007.00 to start,

Overall Payout to the four investors:

$3.8 million over time.

The "Large" Family Size Air Fryer Basket

makes 7 cups of popcorn!

The going rate for a Rapid Air Technology device is around 3 - 4 payments of $29.99 give or take $5.00!The going rate for a Rapid Air Technology device is around 3 - 4 payments of $29.99 give or take $5.00! So to keep in step with this trend, the Air Fryer Basket™ price is $25.00!

It takes 1 - 3 months to manufacture, I've already worked out the kinks and the supply chain only needs lubricating "MONEY" / A brief recap: The inventor wanted to pop popcorn in the Philips Air fryer and in the beginning (see video) utilized vegetable mesh strainers to achieve the goal! At one point, just to see: even a tea ball strainer was tested. Nancy found that amusing and on a business note, she manufactures those as well.

Read On If You Please

Tea Ball Strainer side note:

The circumference of the tea ball strainer is equal from all surface areas. Meaning there is a 3.5-inch height maximum, which means the area inside the ball would barely produce 2 – 2.5 cups of popcorn if that.

There was 4 (four) funding Opportunity slots available:

Ideally, this learning syllabus was for new venture capitalist & MBA minded graduates!

Overall funding: $100,007.00

Math: $25,001.75 each

I the inventor already make a livable wage. So, your funding will go only for this venture!

The Built In Exit Strategy

"Invest, make some money & look for another venture to invest with"

I will not see any profit until your initial funding of $100,007.00 is recouped, that is the $25,001.75 for each investor. After the collective initial funding of $100,007.00: We would have profit shared, until the $3.8 million "Exit Strategy" was paid four ways, that's $950,000.00 USD each! Introduction to Air Fryer Basket profit distribution / 100% profit Distribution Schedule, In the beginning 65% of the profit goes to the investors, until the initial funding of $100,007.00 is recouped! After the initial funding was recouped, 13% 5 (five) ways, until the "Exit Strategy" of $3.8 million was satisfied, "Exit Strategy" equals $950,000.00 USD each. 35% of the 100% always is reinvested for the prosperity of the venture (to build a prosperous and solid foundation for the Intellectual Property). Don’t forget about manufacturing cost, shipping and final destinations costs (of said purchasers). After the $3.8 million "Exit Strategy" is paid in full the Air Fryer Basket venture is over. 100% of all rights will return to the inventor.

  1. Simply states that any intellectual property on this site must adhere to this outline to protect the Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Etc. / Investors and LIONELL COMMERCE. LIONELL COMMERCE operates on a 100% system for each projection (Intellectual property)
  2. 1/3 (33%) - Goes to "AWISE" (Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.)
  3. 1/3 (33%) - Goes to "I(s)" (Investor(s))
  4. 1/3 (33%) - Goes to the business of the Intellectual property
  5. 1% - LIONELL COMMERCE (admin)
LIONELL COMMERCE goal is eventual freedom for "AWISE", free with control of their Intellectual property. Therefore: agreements dealing with Copyrights can last up to 13 years, agreements dealing with patents can last in between 8 & 12 years.

Side Bar Note to A.W.I.S.E.

What you've just read, is a business plan explained & A.W.I.S.E. remember know the business of your I.P. (Intellectual Property) this attracts Investors, I would think! Now, knowing what they were investing in www.PopcornAir.Com, the selling price was 3.8 million, now 3.8 was the "exit strategy" for the four investors. Now, with the Crowd-funding attributes of 2017, is poised to do some great crowdfunding profit sharing. Profit Margin estimate is $11 + per unit sold, depending on the per unit price margin. All has been documented and manufacturer is waiting!

SEC Adopts JOBS Act Amendments to Help Entrepreneurs and Investors


Washington D.C., April 5, 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it has adopted amendments to increase the amount of money companies can raise through crowdfunding to adjust for inflation. It also approved amendments that adjust for inflation a threshold used to determine eligibility for benefits offered to “emerging growth companies” (EGCs) under the Jumps tart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.

“Regular updates to the JOBS Act, as prescribed by Congress, ensure that the entrepreneurs and investors who benefit from crowdfunding will continue to do so,” said SEC Acting Chairman Michael S. Piwowar. “Under these amendments, the JOBS Act can continue to create jobs and investment opportunities for the general public.”

The SEC is required to make inflation adjustments to certain JOBS Act rules at least once every five years after it was enacted on April 5, 2012. In addition to the inflation adjustments, the SEC adopted technical amendments to conform several rules and forms to amendments made to the Securities Act of 1933 (“Securities Act”) and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”) by Title I of the JOBS Act.

The Commission approved the new thresholds March 31. They will become effective when they are published in the Federal Register.

If interested, my name LIONELL